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This is what we do.

Our Areas of Expertise

Bari Zambia provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of transportation engineering and transport planning. Our experience is based on large and small-scale projects in a range of environments, involving multiple disciplines and modes of transportation. Our team is well experienced with personnel with over 20 years’ experience in this discipline. The services we provide include the following

  • transportation analysis and policy
  • traffic safety
  • traffic engineering
  • transportation planning

Bari Zambia has wide-ranging experience and expertise in structural design and offers turn-key consulting services ranging from preliminary stages to final design, as well as tender document preparation, construction management, supervision and maintenance.

Structural design is ubiquitous but every project has a diverse set of challenges. Bari Zambia specialists have provided comprehensive and innovative structural design consulting.

The newest technologies are always applied in the design process. Our specialists monitor new developments within the profession, and are active in implementing innovations into the construction process.

Geotechnical engineering is an important element in the preliminary stage of all structures, and Bari's specialists have vast experience in this field.

Bari Zambia consultants have extensive experience in geotechnical engineering. Foundation bearing capacity is evaluated, stability calculated and settlement predictions made. In larger projects, we often perform comprehensive and specialized geotechnical investigations on soil and bedrock material properties.

We have over a decade of experience in water and wastewater engineering. Company specialists offer expert water engineering and wastewater engineering and consulting services including design, planning, renovations, flow measurements, system modelling and analysis.

Our company has played a significant role in the development of urban and rural water and sanitation infrastructure in Zambia and the Sub-Saharan region.

Bari Zambia also has vast experience in bridge engineering, design and consulting.  The company employs experts in the field of bridge construction and offers a full range of related services, including feasibility studies, bridge design and design review, retrofitting, tender documents, site planning, flood and discharge forecasts and project supervision.

Bridge engineering expertise includes:

  • Concrete bridges
  • Steel bridges
  • Underpasses
  • Pedestrian bridges

Project management is a broad field in which the consultants of Bari Zambia Limited undertake the partial or complete management of a project, all according to the request of the client.

Modern project management involves effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, procurement, execution, project control, contract management, completion and commissioning. Effective project management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as whole remains within the defined time and cost frame.

Bari Zambia Limited undertakes project management of a variety of projects, anything from simple development projects up to complicated construction projects.

Great importance is placed on analyzing risk factors in projects and maintaining preventive supervision where our experts review budget and time schedules, designs, specifications, bids, project contracts, work arrangements, etc. before work commences.

Bari Zambia has been in the forefront of the consulting firms that work on Environmental Impact Assessments, and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA). The environment plays a major role in aspects of sustainable development. Developmental projects require that natural resources are kept in a pristine way for the future generations to use.

Once the environment is protected, socio-economic welfare of the community is also improved. Bari Zambia Limited has also been instrumental in carrying out socio-economic assessments which may include cost benefit analysis of projects, resettlement and compensation schemes in the event of relocation due to loss of property from projects.

The emphasis is to find solutions that reduce or compensate for the potential impacts of construction, both in construction phases and operational phases on both the bio-physical environment and the socio-economic environment.