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Consulting Services for the Design and Construction supervision of the Upgrading to Bituminous Standard of Approximately 76.0 Km of Urban Roads in New Chinsali Town in Muchinga Province – Lot 2


Road Development Agency

Value of Services

≈ $1,100,000.00



Narrative Description of the Project

Objective of the services is to conduct traffic investigations, investigations and testing of road construction materials for both suitability and quantity, provision of adequate pavement structure and geometric design including adequate drainage structures, provision of adequate as well as improved safety features including improved road marking and traffic signs, an environmental impact assessment, a complete economic analysis (cost – benefit analysis), a socio-economic analysis resulting from the proposed road project, estimating the appropriate level of financial and economic investment, estimating the financial viability of the various investment options in terms of EIRR and IRR and preparing of detailed cost estimates.

Services Provided by Our Staff

  • Technical field investigation,
  • Technical design standards,
  • Cost estimate and contract packaging,
  • Risk analysis,
  • Traffic surveys
  • Initial environmental examinations.
  • Preparation of the Environmental and Social Impact Statement
  • Preparation of the Resettlement Action Plans, Environmental Social Management Plans

Professional Staff Provided by Our Firm

  • Highway Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Surveyors, Environmental Specialist
  • Social Scientist
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Materials technician,