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Consultancy Services for the Design Review and Construction Supervision of the Upgrading to Bituminous Standard and Re – Alignment of approximately 194km of Road from Safwa (M1/D56 Junction) to Chinsali (D56/RD56) to Mulilansolo (D18 Junction) in Muchinga


Road Development Agency

Value of Services

≈ $1,300,000.00



Narrative Description of the Project

Objective of the services is to review of the Engineering designs, review and update the contract documents, carry out Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and provide construction supervision, construction monitoring, measurement of satisfactory work, monitoring HIV awareness and prevention campaigns, preparation of payment certificates, budgetary and quality control, approving soil/materials testing and checking contractors' surveys.

Services Provided by Our Staff

  • Construction monitoring,
  • Measurement of satisfactory work, and preparation of payment certificates,
  • Budgetary and quality control,
  • Approving Soil/materials testing,
  • Checking contractors’ surveys.
  • Preparation of the Environmental and Social Impact Statement
  • Preparation of the Resettlement Action Plans, Environmental Management Social Management Plans

Professional Staff Provided by Our Firm

  • Resident Engineer
  • Assistant Resident Engineer
  • Surveyors, Environmental Specialist
  • Social Scientist
  • Inspectors of Works
  • Materials technician